Tamarind 500 Gram

Asam-Jawa-Gunung-500Grhave you ever tried herbs turmeric, tamarind? Or is it you are a small-scale herbal medicine that uses the basic ingredients of tamarind in the processing of your products? The good news for you, this time PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama produce a work of children’s best domestic brand Tamarind Cap Gunung which is specifically designed for your herbal medicine small scale or other entrepreneurs are made from tamarind which requires the use of 500 grams of tamarind.

Tamarind Cap Gunung with a weight of 500 grams packed in a practical and simple for those of you looking for the best basic ingredients for your food or beverage product. More suited more for you to produce herbal medicine with the basic materials tamarind, because Tamarind Cap Gunung is a seedless tamarind products are selected strictly to produce the best products from the production of Indonesian selection. You are interested to buy it and save it at home? Please buy a package Tamarind Cap Gunung with a weight of 500 grams in a few boxes. In each box there are 36 products that are just as good and equal quality to the next send directly into your hands.

Can not wait to try it? You can contact 08175112023 for order the product. or visit www.tamarindogroup.com to see the catalog and picking other agricultural products Indonesia PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama. If you still want the extra income, you can also become an official agent Tamarindo PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama in marketing its products quality. Any direct contact number 08175112023 or visit their website. Good luck!