Tamarind 250 Gram

Asam-Jawa-BigSun-250GrTamarind is a fruit of the tamarind tree that can reach 25 meters. This plant, the researchers said, was first discovered in southern Africa. However, currently in Indonesia has many tamarind tree grow and bear fruit. Whether in your area there is also a tamarind tree? If not, do not be sad, because PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama has been producing tamarind in the form of ready to eat yet natural and quality.

Tamarind Cap Gunung, its name. Tamarind Cap Gunung taken directly from farmers acid in Indonesia, this product is really made of, for and by the people of Indonesia. Choosing quality products, is the first lead Tamarind Cap Gunung. Plus, this product is packed seedless. So you can start eating meat tamarind fruit is best sorted from nature and hygienically packed up into your hands.

In packs of 250 grams,Tamarind Cap Gunung will be suitable for your large family consumption, or as raw material for food products and beverages in small-scale businesses. If you want to stock it, you also can buy a carton of direct Tamarind Cap Gunung contain 250 grams of a 60 pcs.

Where can you buy it? Very easy. PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama has partnered with a variety of sales agents up to the super market-famous super market such as Carrefour, RajawaliMart, RemajaMart, Vanilla Toserba, Palapa department store, and much more. You can also contribute to a sales agent Tamarind Cap Gunung and other crops agricultural products by looking at the information in www.tamarindogroup.com. Or order directly in this number 08175112023.