Jamu is a indonesia traditional drink that has existed since the colonial era are still in this country. Indonesia is famous for herbal medicine due to the large domestic grain and other crops that can be used as food and beverages that nourish the body, and one of them is a drink called ‘herbal’. That, too, is one reason colonists came to the motherland, for the sake of robbing spice crops or Indonesia, which they do not find in their countries.

For it is important for today’s generation to maintain or preserve traditional Indonesian food and beverages. That is not extinct and replaced with foods junk food or western-style instant food, which is precisely the unhealthy and cause a lot of disease risk.

One of the pleasures of herbs that are still famous throughout the archipelago is herbal turmeric tamarind. Turmeric is called Java for turmeric, tamarind whereas Java is the designation for tamarind. Both combinations of spices Indonesian produce it will make the body back in good shape after drinking. You do not worry, because to get this traditional beverage still fairly easy. There are still many itinerant herbalist or stalls selling medicinal herbs turmeric tamarind.

But if your concern is on the quality of the spices are made, whether original or contain dyes and preservatives? You can use the results of the original Earth Indonesia produced by PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama. One of their key products are Tamarind Cap Gunung. Tamarind Cap Gunung is a native Java Indonesia acids are processed in a modern and hygienic start of capture and process the packaging to marketing to consumers. You can entrust acid consumption of Java with Tamarind Cap Gunung and make reservations at these :

Phone : 08113324088
Email : Tamarindogroup1@gmail.com

IG : https://www.instagram.com/asamjawagunung/

Line : asamjawagunung

FB : Bintang Jaya

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