The atmosphere is cold in the morning is a good time to dine vegetable acids. But do you know where the delicious taste sour vegetables you eat come from? Yes, vegetable delights acid will lose its freshness if not using one of the ingredients essential to name the vegetables, it is tamarind.

the tamarind seasoning is not just a real vegetable acids. Now it’s time you know tamarind closer. Tamarind is an African plant which has long been in indonesia and has since used to be a cure for many diseases. Now it’s rare that still uses tamarind as an option to treat such complaints, acne, cellulite, skin diphtheria, constipation, ulcers and such. The benefits of tamarind as a traditional medicine in may from a very high content of its nutrition value. Some of them are, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, calcium and various other nutrient content in tamarindwhich is able to nourish your body. It would be very dianjutkan if you are consuming the tamarind as a drink or food daily with brewing becoming tamarind juice or eating the tamarind porridge.

Now if you already know the various benefits that it turns out there are at tamarind,and cannot just be vegetable seasoning, then you do not need to dizzy to look. There is a product quality tamarind processed naturally from the process of retrieval, packaging to marketing into the hands of consumers. Commodity exports that are a product of this is the work of the son of the country‘s major PT Tamarindo Bumi Utama, named Tamarind Cap Gunung. You can directly order products here: 

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