tamarind are easy to find in Indonesia because Indonesia is a country of fertile and prosperous. The tropical climate in Indonesia is very good for the growth of tamarind, so the harvest is plentiful all the year round to make Indonesia one of Asam Jawa exporting country in the world. Tamarind fruit that has been dried, or more popularly known as acid Kawak have long traded both domestically and for export to neighboring countries.

Tamarind fruit that is ripe to be eaten. It feels like a sour fruit name. The sour taste in tamarind because these fruits contain tatrat acid, malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, and acetic acid.

When I was younger end of 1970, while returning home from school (SD), the author likes picked Tamarind fruit that has fallen to the ground. After that the author took it home and ate it immediately. Sour but tasty. Especially when it is still rare candied fruit. So if you want to buy candied fruit should be to Glodok or market.

Tamarindus Indica L, yang berasal dari famili Fabaceae adalah buah yang berasal dari Savana Afrika Timur. Di Indonesia buah ini lebih dikenal dengan nama Asam Jawa. Sedangkan di Thailand dikenal dengan nama “Ma-Kham”. Para pedagang dari India yang berdagang sampai ke daerah pesisir laut Indonesia adalah orang-orang yang membawa Asam Jawa ke Indonesia. Oleh karena itu Asam Jawa juga dikenal dengan nama Kurma India atau “Tamr Hindi”.

Tamarindus Indica L, which is derived from the legume family is a fruit that comes from Savanna East Africa. In Indonesia, the fruit is known as tamarind. While in Thailand known as the “Ma-Kham”. Indian traders who trade up to the Indonesian marine coastal areas are the ones who brought tamarind to Indonesia. Therefore tamarind also known as India Dates or “Tamr Hindi”.

This is a list of 50 + benefits of Tamarind to humans:
1. Tamarind is one of the ingredients for the ingredients to improve the flavour of the acid from the acidic foods, such as vegetables, gravy empekempek bacem, seasonings, stirstir, and mix in the peanuts in gado-gado or Rojak.
2. Tamarind for skin bright.
3. The amazing benefits of Tamarind for Skin Beauty
4. Lighten the skin with body scrub.


6. Treat painful menstruation with Tamarind.
7. The benefits of Tamarind to Diet. The taste of a drink made from Tamarind whichdelicious makes you can enjoy it while doing the diet. He 7 x
8. Overcoming body odor With Tamarind.
9. Relieving Fever with a Tamarind.
10. Can be made into porridge Tamarind, Tamarind Wedang, dodol, candy.
11. As a soft drink named sugar syrup, sour tamarind, tamarind juice and Java.Drink-Recipe Cinnamon Spice Tamarind
12. Tamarind + turmeric, ginger, plus other herbs are the main ingredients of traditional herbal medicine, such as herbal medicine gepyok and jamusinom.
13. Tamarind can treat asthma.
14. Tamarind can treat dry cough. Prescription Cough Medicine Cheap Traditional Festive With Tamarind.
15. Tamarind can treat pain because it helps the heat pulled out a lot of sweat.
16. Tamarind can treat boils, ulcers and eczema.
17. Tamarind can treat rheumatism.
18. Tamarind can treat gout.
19. Acid Java can reduce joint pain and arthritis.
20. Tamarind can treat stomach ache.
21. Tamarind can treat new wounds and old wounds.
22. Tamarind can treat hair loss.
23. Tamarind can treat sore swollen due to being bitten by a bee or Lipan.
24. Tamarind can treat thrush.
25. Tamarind can treat sick measles.
26. Tamarind can treat ill of dysentery.
27. Tamarind can treat low blood pain.
28. Tamarind can treat pain anemia.
29. Tamarind can treat sick ambeien.
30. Tamarind can treat pain vaginal discharge.
31. Tamarind can treat sick Rancidity after menstruation.
32. Tamarind can treat diphtheria pain (pain in the respiratory tract that is caused bythe bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae).
33. Tamarind can treat itchy allergy and Buran.
34. Tamarind can treat the itch on scars that are already dry.
35. Tamarind can be used as sunblock to reduce the effects of sunburn on the skin.
36. Tamarind can treat acne. Tamarind contains tartarik acid, Malic, gluconate, gluconolactone, sitrit so it has a nature that could help eliminate acne.
How to remove acne scars with Tamarind
37. Tamarind can treat fever after parturition.
38. Tamarind is able to cure paralysis.
39. Tamarind can reduce the irritation of the eyes (one of the most common form isconjunctivitis, also known as pink eye).
40. Tamarind can be made into herbal remedies to address the inflammation.
41. Tamarind can treat swollen due to the bites of bees, insects, centipedes and snakes.
42. Tamarind can lower blood pressure and thins the blood. So you should not eat Tamarind is excessive.
43. Tamarind can lower cholesterol.
44. Tamarind can eliminate rust/crust on the teeth.
45. Tamarind can be used as a laxative.
46. The content of essential oils at Tamarind will boost the immune system as well as free from microbial infection and fungus.
47. Tamarind can cure intestinal worms in children.
48. The mask of Tamarind can be used to remove dead skin cells.
49. The mask of Tamarind can be used to remove skin berselulit.
50. The acid Java can also be used to clean various blemished goods made of metal.
51. Tamarind Seeds can be made into flour to make a cake or bread. Tamarind seedflour can also be used to treat diseases of diarrhea and dysentery.
52. Tamarind Seeds very well when used to clear up the river.
53. Tamarind seeds are often used in traditional children’s games such as congkak and dakon
54. Tamarind tree trunks are also suitable firewood and charcoal. The acid can also be made wooden toy top.
55. Tamarind tree trunks can be used as raw materials or furniture or furniture sofa,ukir-ukiran crafts and sculpture.
56. Tamarind bark can be used as a powerful drug.
57. Tamarind Flowers can be used for the development of beekeeping.
58. many Tamarind trees from being used as a peneduh way because the tree that grows tall, even can reach 30 meters in height, it has a lot of Tamarind tree branchesand leaves, so it fits in well if made tree from the heat of the Sun and strong winds.
Apart from the above benefits, the advantages in using Tamarind is a cheap price as well as free from material
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