Tamarind is commonly known by the people of Indonesia as a spice in cooking. But not many people who know the efficacy behind tamarind originally from Africa. Tamarind sour meat and crushed deliciously on the tongue are also typically consumed away as snacks children in primary school. This article will discuss about the other side of tamarind as an alternative to medication or solution for those of you who have low blood pressure.

A person with low blood pressure usually will have many obstacles in carrying out daily activities. For instance, when sitting and suddenly stood up quickly, usually it will feel dizziness and even nausea. It is one of the characteristics of people who have low blood. Low blood can be passed down from parents or family on it or because of the effects of other diseases, it can also occur due to consumption of less healthy foods.

How to cope with low blood using the tamarind is to make tamarind sauce mixed with palm sugar, onion, cayenne pepper and salt. pestle materials together, so as to create tamarind sauce were delicious. You can eat it with spinach and serve as daily consumption.

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